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I love The Flash. I’ve been a fan since I began reading Flash comics as a teen when Crisis of The Infinite Earths came out in 1985. I went back as many issues as I could get my hands on after the unfortunate incident from that series. Barry Allen was an amazing Flash but I was in for a real treat with former Kid Flash, Wally West. I have every issue from the run of Wally West and hope that he might make an appearance at some point in CW’s The Flash. The show could even take it a step further and bring in a female for the sidekick ala Alex Ross/Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come.


I’m also a fan of the 1990 CBS attempt at The Flash. I saw every episode when it aired (until CBS started fucking with the time slot). Loved John Wesley Shipp’s take on Barry Allen even though I was reading adventures of Wally West at the time. I usually went out for a run after the episode finished, usually humming the tune by master composer Danny Elfman. That was when I was in shape. Ugh. Getting older.

I’m okay with bringing Barry Allen back to the TV Universe that DC is creating. And I like Grant Gustin’s portrayal based on the previews that I’ve seen on youtube which I’ve posted below. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below..

CW’s The Flash premieres on October 7, 2014. Check it out. There’s more casting news to come.

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