Hey Stew fans! Today, March 1st, 2016 marks the four year anniversary of this site. I know we have been absent of late but that’s all about to change. You see, running a website of any sort requires a lot of time and effort and its not easy to do alone. So after much thought and a bit of reshuffling of Stew Crew, we’re going to try to give it another go.

The trailers, short films, reviews and podcasts are all on their way back. We are also going to set more emphasis on the various comic conventions in and around Texas. That means, Austin Comic Con, Dallas Comic Con and Fan Expo, Houston’s Comicpalooza and San Antonio’s Alamo City Comic Con will all be covered by various members of The Stew Crew. I know I will be in some form of costume for most of these. We will definitely be posting the dates for all of these soon.

Now is where you, the reader come into play. We would love for you to give us your thoughts on things you would like to hear about whether its in Austin, Colorado or wherever. Movies, TV, Books, Radio, Music – we want to cover it all. A lot of stuff can go into the makings of a good stew and we want to deliver the best for you.

Over the next weeks, I will be introducing the members of the Stew Crew. Some you know, some are new. I think that after this year of rebuilding, everyone is going to be happy with what we’re cooking up.

Finally, I want to thank everyone from the first four years for sticking around and reading whatever crazy stuff we have on our minds, the things we are excited about and the zany stuff we do. I look forward to getting this board back on track and I can’t wait for you to take the journey with us. See you soon.

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Trace is a writer, DJ and podcaster that lives in Austin, Texas. Live shows are a must but vinyl is the best entertainment.

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